Hiring Ascent is all about having confidence in your team and the ability to delivery what you are looking for on time and on budget. Ascent Drone Video Productions is far more than just a drone-for-hire service. We are a combination of producers, camera operators, editors and post production effects specialists with a full spectrum of production resources to serve you based on your specific requirements. Our team has won a combined NINE (9) Tele Awards, Five (5) Emmies and numerous other industry awards and recognition from Production to Editing. We understand that every production, whether ours or one we are contracted to take part in, seeks a balance between jaw-dropping, emotionally compelling footage and a cost-effective means of getting each money shot. By combining our talents, skills and equipment with the cost-effective use of specialized teams and drone based aerial cinematography, we deliver what others cannot.
Many of Ascent’s drone pilots are long time camera operators, pilots and film crew professionals. We understand the industry and the unique requirements and language of doing business in film. Our company has put together an excellent team of camera operators, camera operator pilots, observers, support staff, marketing professionals, script and copyright specialists, editors and post production specialists, graphics people and internet and social media marketing staff.
Kurt von Strasser, Executive Producer, Chief Pilot Cinematographer, Ascent Drone Video Productions
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Kurt B. von Strasser

CEO, Exec Producer, Pilot Cinematographer

ben strasser producer pilot 1000x1000

Benedict B. von Strasser

COO, Producer, Editor, Drone Pilot

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harry ratner 1000x1000

Harry Ratner

Director, DP, Editor, Producer

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