Unbranded Tours

Unbranded HD Realty Video Tours are generated specifically for real estate agents for use on the MLS. Often, the MLS and branded distribution websites such as Zillow, Trulia, etc. allow video tour links for your listings, but some may require you to use an ‘unbranded’ video to prevent direct traffic to the listing agent’s website.

Your unbranded HD Realty Video Tour (or premium Home Commercial) from Ascent Drone Video accommodates this requirement by providing a version of the video that contains no contact information about you or your company. In fact, the URL for the tour is completely generic (example: http://youtube/I7_xT4Hxf1Z).

The Ascent HD Realty Video Tour logo is NOT “branding” because it specifically DOES NOT provide”direct traffic to the listing agent’s web site” and may not be considered as “branding.”
by any logical definition of the term.

© Kurt von Strasser