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We Sell Your Buyer’s Before They Even Walk Through the Door ™


Photos and Video Sell Real Estate Faster and For More Money.  They do it by bringing in more qualified buyers.  It’s that simple.


Awesome Professional Photography and Videography Specifically Designed for Real Estate from Budget to Luxury.

  • Basic Home & Property Photos (interior & exterior, ground based)
  • Advanced and Enhanced Property Photos (High Definition Raw Format, Lighting, Editing)
  • Slide Shows Still Photo Video Format with Music and Graphics
  • Professional Aerial Photography in Super High Definition Raw Format
  • Ground & Aerial Super High Definition 4k (MPG4) Video
  • Full Post Production & Editing Studio
    • Home Tour Videos
    • Home Commercials (UHD – Ultra High Definition)
    • Sound, Voice Over, Music
    • Graphics, Branding, Specialty Services

Realtor Aerial & Ground Photography Packages Start at:

  • Basic Photo Package: $200
  • Aerial Photo Package: $350
  • Home Tour UDH Video Package: $500
  • Video Still Slide Show Package: $450

We also have an outstanding marketing team that does add on services such as;

  • Single Property Websites
  • Social Media Posts / Management / Distribution
  • Content Marketing
  • Flyers & Professional Artwork
  • Branding, Logos & Graphics
  • Public Relations & Brand Building
  • Realtor Videos / Business Card Videos / Branding Videos
  • Realtor Commercials



Crush your competition by making all of your marketing efforts more effective.

Grabbing the hearts of your buyers (and sellers for that matter) and getting them emotionally committed to a home is about a lot more than just nice photographs, a video home tour or even aerial drone video.

It’s about creating a finished video product that wows your prospects so deeply that they establish an emotional connection and are driven to take action on your home.

Our Emmy and Telly Award winning team at Ascent Drone Video knows how to the right combination of:

  • Jaw-dropping aerial footage
  • Beautifully set interior and exterior shots
  • Expert camera angles, movement and lens selection for the right result
  • Cinematic quality feel
  • Luxury creative specifically designed for Real Estate
  • Editing, Post Production,graphics, Voice Overs and Branding
  • Polished, professional end result

Along with selling the home through our stunning HD video productions we also build your brand, image and reputation as a leader in your industry, on top of the latest effective trends and technologies. Your brand will be uniquely position to take advantage of today’s ever-changing, fast-paced real estate marketing and sales. Even more important, your sales will increase, your time from listing to offer will be reduced and soon Sellers will be seeking you out to get their home marketed in this new and exciting way.


  Your Sellers May Pay the Cost!

At our suggestion, many of our Realtor clients are asking the Sellers to cover the production costs. The Realtor agrees to take the cost out of their commission at the time of sale. If for some reason the Realtor is released from the listing, the Home Owner retains the video for their use, with the next Realtor or whatever they may choose. The value of the video becomes self-evident and our Realtor friends do not have to front the production costs. Ask us for more information on our special Realtor Video Release forms to make this an easy sale with your Sellers!

Make All Your Marketing So Much More Effective

Make your listings, website, mailers, FaceBook and other Social Media, and everything else you use grab the attention of your prospects and captivate them with the story of your homes and your brand.

  • On Your Website Home Page – Showcase Your Marketing Capabilities to Buyers
  • On Your Social Media Pages
  • New Listing Social Medial Posts
  • On Your Website Listings
  • Trulia, Zillow, and other Listings (blow your competition away!)
  • Use anywhere video can be uploaded or linked!
  • QR Codes and Links in your Direct Mail
  • Single Property Website Showcase & HD VideoTours
  • Ask us about our exciting new marketing systems, texting, mobile apps, and more!

Mobile Optimized

Over 70% of Today’s Real Estate Searches are on Mobile. Are You?



YouTube and Vimeo videos are automatically optimized for mobile use. Links to home tours can play HD Video right on the mobile device, showcasing your Ascent HD Home Tour or Commercial right on their mobile devices with stunning clarity and picture quality on today’s latest devices. Ask us for more details!









Real Estate Property Packages

Ascent Cinematography and Aerial Drone Video has special packages designed specifically for the real estate industry. While our video production and marketing services are best suited for luxury homes, mid priced homes and commercial properties are also excellent candidates. While our special packages are designed to assist realtors in quickly determining what type of video production would be the right solution for their sale, we also offer all types of custom productions including elegant and extensive single property commercials featuring the realtor introducing the property, branding with logo and contact info, music, professional voice overs, stunning aerial video footage in HD and Super HD formats, graphics work including text overlays of highlights in rooms, etc. and much more. If you have ideas you would like to discuss or would like us to come out to a location and provide some for you, just give us a call.
Our professionals have years of experience in:

  • Creative Content / Script Writing
  • Shooting Scripts
  • Voice Over Talent
  • Post Production Special Effects
  • Color Correction and Enhancement
  • Sound, lighting and all technical support functions
  • YouTube, Internet, SEO, Social Media Marketing
  • Web Design and Monetization of Video
  • Single Property Websites
  • HD Video and Pictures (still shots / photographs)
  • Commercial and Residential Real Estate Sales, Marketing and Support



  • High Definition Video Production
  • Aerial Drone and Interior Gimbal Cam Shots
  • 60 Second Video
  • Color Correction and Enhancement
  • Intro Graphics
  • Realtor Contact Graphics
  • YouTube Upload
  • Final File Upload
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  • High Definition Video Production
  • Aerial Drone and Interior Gimbal Cam Shots
  • 120 Second (2 min) Video
  • Color Correction and Enhancement
  • Intro Graphics
  • Realtor Contact Graphics
  • Professional Voice Over and Music
  • YouTube Upload
  • Final File Upload
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Premium / Single Home Commercial


  • High Definition Video Production
  • Aerial Drone and Interior Gimbal Cam Shots
  • 180 Second (3 min) Video
  • Color Correction and Enhancement
  • Free Single Property Website (limited time only)
  • Intro Graphics w Realtor Photo or Logo Branding
  • Realtor Featured In Video – Shot On Site Only
  • Realtor Contact Graphics w Branding
  • Lower Third / Lower Contact Info Throughout
  • Professional Voice Over and Music
  • Neighbourhood / Streets Aerial Video Footage
  • YouTube Upload
  • Final File Upload
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Options / A La Carte

  • Agent Intro / Outro Logo Animation / Photo / Music Etc. $120 production, $50 to reinsert if one is done already.
  • Photography HD 12 MPX minimum resolution. $300 / 15 photos with color enhancement, up to 5 aerial
  • Consultation Services – Internet Marketing, YouTube Marketing, Strategy, Etc. $125 per hour
  • Copy writing Services – $45 per hour
  • Graphic Design Services – Animated $90 per hour / Still $75 per hour
  • Professional Voice Overs – $60 per 60 seconds of final cut

Our professionals have years of experience in:

Creative Content / Script Writing

  • On Screen Text – $20 per Scene / Page (no creative included)

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