Ascent Drone Video is extremely effective for residential and commercial construction sites. Regular fly overs and filming in High Definition Video can provide valuable data on progress, construction quality, stages of construction, quality control, supplies delivery, storage and security and much more. We can custom tailor a program of regular flights to provide updates to corporate offices and a very cost effective way to obtain a complete overview of the construction site or entire project.


  • Developers
  • Contractors
  • Suppliers
  • Commercial and Residential Development Commercials to Drive Buyers to Location
  • Internet and Social Medial Marketing
  • Construction and Materials Monitoring
  • Video Progress Reports
  • Quality Control and Compliance Verification
  • Builder Showcase


We also work with developer to provide finished commercial for their homes, home sites and communities as well as commercial office buildings, industrial parks and retail centers. Nothing showcases better than having high definition aerial video combined with stunning interior tour footage combined into an effective and emotionally compelling video presentation on the project or homes for sale. Contact us for a customized creative concept and quote.

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