Ascent Cinematography is a full-service video production company able to provide concept to can complete high end video productions. Our award winning team (5 Emmys, 9 Tele Awards and numerous other awards) can develop your creative concept, create a complete shooting script, budget, produce and delivery anything from internet product commercials to high definition commercials for TV. Our ability to delivery cutting edge technology such as our aerial drone videography, means we can often deliver shots and concepts that other production companies just cannot do, either because of equipment limitations or budget limitations. Our aerial drone video options give us tremendous power to create amazing jaw dropping shots at a fraction of the cost of other aerial or conventional film solutions.

Our Typical Commercial Production Capabilities Include:

  • Automobile Brands
  • Yachts
  • Private Jets & Charter Jets
  • Golf Courses
  • Resorts
  • Luxury Real Estate
  • Small and Mid Sized Business Commercials
  • Product Commercials
  • Product Demonstrations
  • Company Profiles
  • Internet and YouTube Video Productions and Marketing
  • Films and TV Productions

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Our Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) are equipped with various HD and UHD 4K video camera systems, gyro-stabilized, gimbaled camera mounting systems, secondary camera operator controls and software applications to get the shots and footage that full-sized helicopters and aircraft just cannot do. Safety is our first priority and all of our drones (UAS Platforms) operate with GPS Flight Systems, Live Video and Data Feeds / Telemetry and Fail Safe safety features. We can get the shots that even manned helicopters cannot, fly safer and lower and at far less cost than traditional filming methods.

  • Replace Dolly Shots, Laying Track and Set Up, Etc.
  • Replace Crane Shots and associated set up, hardware costs and manpower.
  • Drastically cut TIME TO SHOOT as our set up and ready time is very short.
  • Easily and quickly test shots, angles, etc. for your DP to decide on final shot.
  • GET YOUR MONEY SHOT at minimum expense!
  • Allow you to get shots into your productions that were too expensive to consider using old technology.
  • Represent minimal risk to talent, crew and operations.
  • Provide the safest possibly way to get the shots you want.
  • Cut your production budgets while increasing options and decreasing crew size and time on locations.


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