Ascent Drone Video LSHP Radio, Las Vegas, Spotlight on Vegas Business

Interviewed Live on AM KSHP Radio, Las Vegas, NV

Spotlight on Vegas Business

Has a great time with Mark Weinberger and Nicole Taylor Sharp on their radio show, Spotlight on Vegas Business  www.spotlightonvegasbusiness.com/.
We chatted about drones, commercial drones an licensing, video and markets, the hardware, safety and fun.  Some great time on the newest drone applications and where the technology is heading.  Spreading the word about commercial drones, how safe they really are when flown by a commercial company that is licensed, why what we do is so unique and discussed some of the hardware we use. Our special thanks to Mark for the invite and the chance to talk more about the non-hyped up, real world, safe flying of drones and their incredible contribution to our lives and even safety.  On the video you get to take a look at our favorite real estate production bird, the Yuneeq Typhoon Q500 which is a super stable platform and great HD video from their latest camera set up.  Their latest, which we intend to add to our fleet as well, is a Q500 with a 4k UHD camera set up.  See them here at http://yuneec.com/