Aerial Cinematography Comparison

Let us help you capture perspectives previously thought impossible.  We can do it at a fraction of the cost of traditional Aerial Camera Platforms. Ascent Drone Video Productions uses low altitude, low impact, high safety, UAS drone quad, hexi and octo-copters with professional HD and 4k Video Camera Gear.
  • We have a very small, lightweight footprint
  • We deploy fast
  • We set up shots quickly
  • We can be exactly in the right position
  • We can operate from 1 foot up to 400 feet AGL
  • We minimize risk for talent and crew
  • We can quickly adapt to a DP’s requests, change a shot, etc.
Get a whole new perspective. Ascent is the new professional’s choice for cost effective, jaw dropping, high definition aerial cinematography.

Comparison of Traditional Camera Platforms to Ascent Aerial

Steady Cam

Custom Built Dolly



Ascent Aerial

Portable, quick to set up

Dynamic elevation changes

Smooth sliding

High speed chase






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Costs Estimated By The Day – Filming Only, No Post Production Included.

Nail Your Money Shot.  Only Ascent Aerial Drone Video can cover this entire range of capabilities at far less than the cost of any one platform solution! Get flexibility. Get fast shot set up. Get continuity from  shot to shot. Ascent will take you where you want to be to get exactly the shot you want to make that perfect final cut.

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